Good news! The Girl and the Guardian now offered on Kindle at only 99cents

The world must know the Aedenic connection in the present turning point of the Ages. The fifth Age has dawned there, Shelley tells us, but the Wisdom of Aeden is sorely needed here on almost-endarkened Edartha. The Four Volumes have been written and the later ones are under revision, but the first is Out, and now the decision has been made - make it the minimum price allowed by Amazon and let there be no barrier to its spread in this difficult time of the 'forever recession' . Here is the link:

The book will also appear on smashwords soon, when one or two further hopefully minor revisions have been made. Meanwhile all books by Peter Harris will be appearing on both sites, and through them on kobo, nook, ipad iphones etc.

There is something wonderful afoot, and if you go to amazon now and get Volume I for only 99 cents, we would be ever thankful if you take the trouble to go back after reading it (assuming you mostly loved it!) and either give us some 'stars' or write a little review or rave as well. Let's spread the message Shelley brought back from Aeden, and help turn our world around!
click here to go to the page from which you can see all Peter's ebooks, including the Icon of Ainenia, and the Girl and the Guardian for only 99 cents. Did you know even if you only have a desktop ot laptop, you can download a free Kindle reader program from amazon and read your Kindle books on your screen. I have this and it works really well. Of course the print books will be trickling out, but mostly the limited edition, as it is so dear to ship big books around the world. No, the new 'mindstone' of our world is the tablet computer, the iphone or the Kindle. World-wide spread of any message we care enough about to upload, for anyone wants it enough to google! See the Girl and the Guardian ebook and more, now: