The Narrator is still here!

This is terrible! It's 2012 and I haven't been here to report in for over a year. BUT I am glad to be able to log in now and say that I have not been idle. Volume three, the long-awaited, has been finished - in draft - and it turned out that there was so much to report on, what with the Biteback campaign of the Boy Raiders and the adventures of Shelley on Edartha, not to mention the School and the Blue Knight, that I have had to split the volume into two. The epic as it stands is now FOUR volumes. But wait there is more! I must soon write a Fifth. Shelley is now returned to Edartha, and she comes bearing gifts from Aeden: the Wisdom of Aeden, and she has asked me to write it with her, as a short summary of all she learned there. We have arrived at the end of the Age, and it will be needed for the transition...

Still some final niggles to sort with my editor-benefactor (who now goes by the code-name the Blue Knight or BK for short) regarding volume one before the final, definitive first edition. Then you will see the book everywhere - if you look for it!

I have also discovered Wordpress, and am considering migrating this site to a wordpress one. I will keep you 'posted'.

A new day dawning, and a new Age we trust

It is still 2012, and there is still time to avert catastrophe. All conscious beings are aware of the terrible weight of choices past and the weight of choices present, needing to be made, if we are to turn this world around. In the epic, Shelley is (in volume four) 'safely' back on Edartha, but like us she face a planet in crisis - bot yet obviously physical, but to be felt in the Wouivre of Earth, in the water and the air, in the zeitgeist, in the underlying angst of the peoples of the West, at least.

Into this I the Narrator have felt almost compelled to stand up and be counted, and admit at last why I came here. Not just to make nice things, or to speak nice words, but to act and to BE the things I speak of. Therefore I have begun, two days ago, the (at first mainly online) Eutopian School of Wisdom and Wizardry,, based squarely on the teachings to be found in the epic, the ancient Wisdom of Aeden, centred (of course) on the Cosmic Tree of Life, and the pagrathvala, the Tree within. The horizontal plane of the five wisdoms of process is depicted in the Tree of Life table, around which the Last Marblemoot of Raiderville takes place on Aeden. The Vertical axis of the Tree is depicted in Korman's Glimtar staff, the Tree of Life staff.

Pilgrims, lovers of Aeden and the True West, come to the website and learn more of this pilgrimage of return to the True West and the perennial wisdom! I am also about to start a new site for Apples of Aeden in wordpress, so I can be more active in the building of a world of beauty online. This site is Drupal, and is not easy to do more than blog in, for a non-tech like me, a chronic sufferer from 'techno-angst'.

I am excited, and can't wait to meet you and other wonderful people in the sacred learning labyrinth of the school of wisdom and wizardry site!