The Editor finally does something concrete

I am pleased to say that my dear well-meaning but dilatory friend and editor Peter Harris has taken the long-overdue step of contacting a certain auspicious member of the publishing fraternity in the City of the Apple, that great city which needs the Apples of Aeden for healing and replanting- as do all the great cities of these dying days of the Age of Iron - but perhaps none more than New York, ruled over by the goddess of the flame, most famous resort for the refugees from tyranny, hence target of the haters of Liberty, both seen and unseen.
I await news of her visit to this site, and of her response to the Quest.
i also await the Editor's announcement that he has completed the edits of Volume Two and submitted it to his esteemed proofreaders.

volume three slowly progresses. the safe house continues to shelter me and the all-important Diary of Shelley, and the manuscripts.
In the Unfolding