welcome, intrepid web voyagers from Avalon Yearning!

Heart-felt welcomes and deep apologies for the broken link to Aeden! I wrote the spell right I'm sure; i am looking for the gremlins as we speak, to banish them firmly.
Meanwhile, thanks for persevering and finding us! So much to do here; do bookmark Aeden and return. We may very soon post more of the book - a chapter in the middle somewhere perhaps. But the Narrator may not like that - reading a storybook is a pilgrimage and you start at the beginning...
What do you think?
For any other wanderers who chance upon us at this early stage in our web incarnation and read this: Avalon Yearning is a Yahoo group for those who feel the magical pull of that name and what it stands for. I certainly do, and i joined in 2005. I hope one day to go to Glastonbury and meet some of the good faery-and-goddess loving folk who from time to time also make their way to Glastonbury - the site, it is thought, of the first Avalon on Earth by that name.
If the Narrator is right, there is an Avalon on Aeden still, and some links with Earth remain. See my book The Icon of Ainenia - there is a visit to Aeden and Avalon in that story.

- The Editor (Peter Harris) ps: for the impatient readers of Vol I, i am nearing the point where i return to my desk in the housetruck to finish the backweavings of Volume II.

re; Welcome

Fairy Greetings!

No, you did type the address in right- it is probably just a glitch somewhere!

On a personal note - I do not like a story in the middle, even if it is just a taster. Like you say, it is a journey, and you would not start one of them in the middle!
I think there is a bit in Alice in Wonderland, where the white rabbit at the trial of Alice says "Begin at the beginning,go on till you get to the end and then stop"
Good advice I think - even if it is from a rabbit"

Fairy Warrior