Those who seek to muzzle me.

To all who wish to divert me from my course in bringing the true state of interplanetary affairs to light, i can only say: i have come too far and seen too much to be intimidated! My scholarly reputation is in tatters, so that can no longer concern me; i have no dependents, so you cannot threaten them. The writing of the third book will go on. The Apples grow on the Tree, heedless of legalities and false claims of ownership by those who would pervert Nature to their own ends...
And look for the second book soon. The editor of course already has my manuscript; he just needs to weave in those points he omitted before due to faulty lines of communication.
To those friends of Aeden who read this blog, i say: read the book, ponder the message Shelley brings, and spread the word, by the book and by deeds of love and beauty, truth and freedom. If enough folk do this the darkness cannot prevail.
Now i must return to the current safe house to continue with volume three.