Out of hiding

At the end of the volume currently being published in the Antipodes by my esteemed alter ego Peter Harris, the editor says:

"There was a handwritten note from the narrator, at end of the manuscript:

Currently in hiding. If anything should happen to me, please try to publish this first part which I have managed to get written down. As you can see, there is much more to tell, but as usual, I am a little behind. But the present account will at least give an idea of the nature of the enemy we are up against, and reveal the hope of a new dawn for all the Nine Worlds, if Shelley succeeds.
Beware of Phagrapag; he may already have used the Ouvron to cross over to Earth. And beware the Athmadites; we now know they are here among us, and have been this past age.



We apologise for the uncertainty. We anxiously await further word from the narrator.

It is good that my note reached the editor. I wish that i could have added at the time, 'And i don't know how or when the editor (Peter Harris) is going to FINISH the updates on volume TWO, since he is, like all editors of an idealistic persuasion, a man pulled in many directions - but also because he does not seem to get all my communications (admittedly sent in various modalities due to my precarious situation). He has only just got clear on several matters of great interest and importance, for example the nature of Agathra, or Aeden amber; and the centrality of the Rathvala, the Unfolding, and the way it can be altered so powerfully for good or for ill by our very thoughts. No matter; he has rectified these and other matters in his Amber Edition, currently being printed in the remote Northern town of Kaiwaka. And he has (finally) put up this website.
I have managed to email him several times and reminded him of his sacred duty to put Volume two at the top of his TO DO list, and he assures me that he will 'redouble his efforts.' (His good brother John, the Blue Knight, weighs in on my side also. Perhaps John needs to throw down the gauntlet!). The book is close enough to done: he has all my updates (as far as i can tell) entered into volume one, and now he just needs to do the same for volume two and hit the PRINT button, surely? He has recently been visited by a name who works on our side who warned him of the very real threat from the other side. We must not feed them with the kind of fear which paralyses, but it is good to remember we are in a battle for the mind. The Aghmaath are strong on Edartha, not (as yet) in physical presence but through the Dreamweb and our unfortunate history as a race. And the Athmaddites, as i have called them, are not idle.
I must go; too long in one cybercafe is dangerous - not to mention the temptation of a second coffee. Farewell. Spread the word, you who have read volume one and 'got' its message. And fear not; volume two is on its way - isn't it, Editor?
in the Unfolding into Faery,