Daring Donna (a fellow visionary!):

What a gift to the world this story you have brought through is. Its about the past, the present and the future.
It's about everything we have been, everything we are and everything we can be.
It's magical, its intelligent, its complicated and its simple.
It's about conscious and unconscious evolution.
Only a wizard could write this story.

It's beautiful and free and from the past world, the present and the future.

I sat in my rocky armchair at the beach yesterday finishing the last chapters as the sun shone down on me and I was warmed inside and out. I totally recognise myself in Shelley and I know people will recognise themselves in many of the characters and the ones we will meet in the next books.

It warmed my heart, excited my soul and inspired my mind. It is one [of the] best books I have ever read.

With much love Daring Donna xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Faerie crusades

Greetings Merlin, esteemed Rusty Knight, long-suffering Rosa and Rob

I am so immensely proud of you all! What exceptional toil in the creation of this digital portal to which your global audience may now tune. I feel more assured than ever of your discovery by those magickal folk around our good planet, silently longing from the very seat of their soul, to discover and reconnect with the ancient law you so beautifully purvey.

And I, Tink, Muse, supporter of entrepreneurial endeavor and recent web-marketing impostor... will do what I can to ensure that the right benefactors, patrons, publishing gnomes, links and other manner of internet traffic generation may befall your path.

with love and gratitude for your presence and in honor to the nobility of your crusade.