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The Editor finally does something concrete

I am pleased to say that my dear well-meaning but dilatory friend and editor Peter Harris has taken the long-overdue step of contacting a certain auspicious member of the publishing fraternity in the City of the Apple, that great city which needs the Apples of Aeden for healing and replanting- as do all the great cities of these dying days of the Age of Iron - but perhaps none more than New York, ruled over by the goddess of the flame, most famous resort for the refugees from tyranny, hence target of the haters of Liberty, both seen and unseen.

welcome, intrepid web voyagers from Avalon Yearning!

Heart-felt welcomes and deep apologies for the broken link to Aeden! I wrote the spell right I'm sure; i am looking for the gremlins as we speak, to banish them firmly.
Meanwhile, thanks for persevering and finding us! So much to do here; do bookmark Aeden and return. We may very soon post more of the book - a chapter in the middle somewhere perhaps. But the Narrator may not like that - reading a storybook is a pilgrimage and you start at the beginning...
What do you think?

Those who seek to muzzle me.

To all who wish to divert me from my course in bringing the true state of interplanetary affairs to light, i can only say: i have come too far and seen too much to be intimidated! My scholarly reputation is in tatters, so that can no longer concern me; i have no dependents, so you cannot threaten them. The writing of the third book will go on. The Apples grow on the Tree, heedless of legalities and false claims of ownership by those who would pervert Nature to their own ends...

Out of hiding

At the end of the volume currently being published in the Antipodes by my esteemed alter ego Peter Harris, the editor says:

"There was a handwritten note from the narrator, at end of the manuscript:

Currently in hiding. If anything should happen to me, please try to publish this first part which I have managed to get written down. As you can see, there is much more to tell, but as usual, I am a little behind. But the present account will at least give an idea of the nature of the enemy we are up against, and reveal the hope of a new dawn for all the Nine Worlds, if Shelley succeeds.

The Narrators blog

I will redouble my efforts!

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