The Icon of Ainênía

The Icon of Ainênía is a related book by Peter Harris

The Icon of Ainênía

The story of one man's search for truth at any cost, and how he found
true love which is without price, and in so doing fulfilled his destiny.

"…I'M STUNNED!!!… The story is extraordinary, fabulous... I'm flabbergasted. I couldn't put it down… I was riveted. And deeply touched… It felt very personal… More than anything I want to thank you… Because in reading it I was transported into faerie…"
Rachel Taylor, Muse, Writer

"A truly beautiful message; there is a wonderful flow in this masterpiece that resonates very clearly in my heart."
Jeff Clarkson, Musician

Read the first chapter here (Adobe Acrobat required) Or now you can read the first 20 percent of all Peter's ebooks (including the Icon of ainenia) on Amazon and Smashwords, and buy the ebook/s with one blessed click:
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