About the author

I am sometimes known as Peter Harris; sometimes Grimlet or Merlin, sometimes the Wizard of Kaiwaka. (Update 2012: now the name 'wizard of Eutopia has stuck, and I am owning it! my email is wizardofeutopia@gmail.com, though peter@eutopia still finds me.
My alter ego, who is the main writer of this website, is the Narrator of the epic Apples of Aeden : CHRISTOPHER HILL (though that name, as we will see in volume iii, is misleading.)
I have a mercilessly encouraging Knight (a.k.a. the BLUE KNIGHT) in the form of my older brother, mentor, patron and collaborator in the long journey into Aeden.
As PETER HARRIS, I have a faithful, long-suffering wife of 35 years and 4 children – two sons and two daughters.
Aside from two long incarcerations in universities, I have at various times been engaged in: hut-building, butterfly collecting, telescope building, commercial fishing, sculpting, painting, illustrating, etching, casting, bone-carving, boat building, logo and medallion designing, inventing, recycled-tyre-pot-making, postal delivery, manufacturing oval photo frames, spinning wheels and marbled trophies, geodesic sphere building, pen-making, running an 0900 phone line (‘Dial-a-philosopher’ – not as popular as the psychic lines!), screen printing life-purpose charts and T-shirts, promoting and writing foundational documents for a utopian eco-community, digitally printing and hand-binding books, and dreaming up and building, with my eldest daughter’s help, Café Eutopia and Dreamspace, a sculptural ferrocement organic café/inspirational walled garden/ arts centre/temple to Beauty, Truth, Love and Freedom.

Until recently I lived with my wife and animals, solar-powered laptop and wood-fired bush bath, in a housetruck and lean-to on our ten acres by the sea, to the west of Café Eutopia (see www.eutopia.co.nz for some pictures) but close enough to have regular coffees there and continue the building from time to time. Now (May 2012) we live right opposite Eutopia in the Story Ark and the hall of the School of wisdom and Wizardry is at the back, and some gardens. Raewyn has forsaken the life of backup to the mad creator and stuck out on a career in the caring and mental health arena, and gone back to university studying ABA (applied behavioural analysis) in between caring for profoundly retarded gentlemen at a house near Baldrock (inspiration for the mountain fortress of the same name in the epic). She finds it easier caring for the mentally lacking than the mentally hyperactive. (Sigh. Karma... The wizard's is a lonely path, and he cannot expect many to go with him on all his dubious adventures...)
In matters of belief I am roughly speaking a liberal Eutopian (Greek EU = good, TOPOS = place; always achievable as opposed to U=not, hence utopia, a non-existent impossible place) mystic, neo-pagan, neo-Platonist of no fixed doctrinal abode but sustaining a (seemingly) unshakeable faith in both the actual mystery and theoretical intelligibility of the universe and its Source, and an (almost) boundless optimism for the human mind and spirit and our potential to create and re-create Eutopias.
Some influences, in no particular order (how would you order such a mixed bag?): Pirsig, Coelho, Lewis, Bach, Tolkien, Barrie, ET, Star Wars, Star Trek, Taoism, Tantrism, Taoism, the Bible, Godel, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, Peirce, Anselm, Plotinus, Plato, Nietzsche, St. Exupery, Winnie-the-Pooh.

Other books by me, in varying stages of 'completion' See my author pages to buy on Amazon and Smashwords:Smashwords page: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/wizardofeutopia
Kindle page: http://www.amazon.com/author/peterharriswizardofeutopia

The Icon of Ainenia - a fantasy tale linked with the World of Aeden.
The Nautilus Project, a sci-fantasy novel.
The Ennead, a background history to the Apples of Aeden.
The Back of Beyond, a short film script about a second chance.
Fantastic Ferrocement on building and sculpting in ferrocement
How to be a Wizard on being the Wizard of your own life and bringing a part of Heaven down to a part of Earth.
How to be Creative A simple guide to the IDEA process of creativity: Input, Dreaming, Examining, and Acting.
A Map of Eutopia, history of the life quest of the man formerly known as Peter Harris. To be completed....