the editor in Gisborne library

Visiting our daughter in Gisborne (somewhere south-east of Auckland), we ventured to give a short appearance at the children's book group, and (speaking as and for the Narrator) talked about many things related to exploring the another world and writing it down. Editor typically forgot entirely to mention the imminent danger to our world from the Aghmaath, and the importance of guiding the Unfolding. but all children were interested to read the book which is now in the Gisborne library (out on loan and reserved as well). we may have to twist their arm to put in another copy or two...
And there was one family there with a kind mother who was prevailed upon to buy a copy. A wonderful group of alive people. Kyla, Eden and Daniel, and their mum Cherie Ropitini.
Editor's wife snapped a photo or two which will be uploaded as soon as she gets back from beach walk with suspiciously anklebiter-like doglet named Poppy.
ps: Gisborne is nice. great beaches, scandalously close to town. some good bookshops too. HOWL, the secondhand bookshop on Childers Road has some of Eutopia Press's books including VOLUME ONE.

Gisbornites, take note, and visit Tim at Howl. he's very nice, reminds me of the Narrator - but a lot less elusive, except when he's having a coffee down the road at PBC!
in the mysterious Unfolding which finds us here,