Out of hiding

At the end of the volume currently being published in the Antipodes by my esteemed alter ego Peter Harris, the editor says:

"There was a handwritten note from the narrator, at end of the manuscript:

Currently in hiding. If anything should happen to me, please try to publish this first part which I have managed to get written down. As you can see, there is much more to tell, but as usual, I am a little behind. But the present account will at least give an idea of the nature of the enemy we are up against, and reveal the hope of a new dawn for all the Nine Worlds, if Shelley succeeds.


The Girl and the Guardian

Volume One of The Apples of Aeden Epic by Peter Harris

In the beginning of the Ages was the Song of the Makers in the forests of the Green World.
One day the Traveller Emerglím alighted on the Green World, bringing a Living Crystal.
These were the founders of the Order: the Makers, the Travellers, and the Living Crystals.

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