The Girl and the Guardian

Volume One of The Apples of Aeden Epic by Peter Harris

In the beginning of the Ages was the Song of the Makers in the forests of the Green World.
One day the Traveller Emerglím alighted on the Green World, bringing a Living Crystal.
These were the founders of the Order: the Makers, the Travellers, and the Living Crystals.

In Aeden they made Namaglimmë, the Starfish Isle, and planted apple groves bearing the seed of Jeweltrees from the Green World.
In the centre of the Island was planted the Tree of Life, and in the crown of the Tree was the golden Heartstone, a Living Crystal which linked the nine Worlds by the power of the lightning.
So the Unfolding was guided in wisdom, and Faery was revealed. Thus began the Golden Age of the Order.

But certain of the Travellers also made the Vapáglim, perilous devices which fold space using the Power of the Void, and the Dark Entities approached.
Then the Makers departed to do battle with them, and they have not returned. The abode of the Travellers became Phangkor, the Darkened World, and they were named the Aghmaath, enemies of Life, whose dark thoughts twist the Unfolding, and by their thoughts even their bodies were deformed, and they brought the thorns into Aeden.
So began the Silver Age of the Keepers.

Then Athmad and Ewana stole the Jewel of Knowledge, and the World of Edartha fell into darkness, and was sundered from Aeden.
So began the Bronze Age of the Guardians.

Then arose the Limnakorites, who denied the Balance, and there was war on Aeden, and the men usurped power over the women.
So began the Iron Age of Schism and the long decline.

-Ennead of Aeden, Of the Fall of the Order of the Makers.

For nearly six thousand years the Tidak Nama guarded the Tree of Life against the Aghmaath. But in the third year of Korman son of Entanifer, a boy came into Aeden, and he stole the Heartstone. Then the Tree began to die, and the lightning ceased on the Tor Enyása. And because of the dark Mindwebs of the Aghmaath, Faery was hidden, until the coming of the Kortana.

- Narrator.

Shelley is lost in the mythical land of Aeden, once the heart of the ancient realm of the Makers.

Living in a cave is a grim Guardian knight, Korman the Outcast. He has been waiting for her since before she was born. He tells her the fate of the Nine Worlds is in her hands. She must find the Arcra Nama, the lost Heartstone, and restore it to the Tree of Life - with his help.

Now they are hunted by the Dark Travellers, terrible thorn-creatures who weave Mindwebs to ensnare them. Where is the mysterious Arcra? And what is the dark secret of Shelley’s own family? A journey of wonder, love and transformation in the midst of terror begins… Enter now the enchanted labyrinth that is The Apples of Aeden.

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