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Volume I now FREE until end of the crucial year 2012

Well it had to come. Entry to the World of Aeden now Free. only at smashwords where it is allowed:
The Lady smiles upon you. May the Story of Aeden and the dawning of the Fifth Age go forth to the four corners of Edartha!

The Narrator has started a School here on Edartha

Based (naturally) on the hidden faery refuge and school of Urak Tara, the Eutopian School of Wisdom and Wizardry is now live. Come and see all pilgrims weary in this almost-endarkened world of Edartha. A new light has sprung up, we hope!

Good news! The Girl and the Guardian now offered on Kindle at only 99cents

The world must know the Aedenic connection in the present turning point of the Ages. The fifth Age has dawned there, Shelley tells us, but the Wisdom of Aeden is sorely needed here on almost-endarkened Edartha. The Four Volumes have been written and the later ones are under revision, but the first is Out, and now the decision has been made - make it the minimum price allowed by Amazon and let there be no barrier to its spread in this difficult time of the 'forever recession' . Here is the link:

The Narrator is still here!

This is terrible! It's 2012 and I haven't been here to report in for over a year. BUT I am glad to be able to log in now and say that I have not been idle. Volume three, the long-awaited, has been finished - in draft - and it turned out that there was so much to report on, what with the Biteback campaign of the Boy Raiders and the adventures of Shelley on Edartha, not to mention the School and the Blue Knight, that I have had to split the volume into two. The epic as it stands is now FOUR volumes. But wait there is more!

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the editor in Gisborne library

Visiting our daughter in Gisborne (somewhere south-east of Auckland), we ventured to give a short appearance at the children's book group, and (speaking as and for the Narrator) talked about many things related to exploring the another world and writing it down. Editor typically forgot entirely to mention the imminent danger to our world from the Aghmaath, and the importance of guiding the Unfolding. but all children were interested to read the book which is now in the Gisborne library (out on loan and reserved as well). we may have to twist their arm to put in another copy or two...

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